Produced by Rolls-Royce, this toolkit of careers resources helps students to see the connection between STEM subjects studied in school, college or university and future job opportunities.

The resources are designed to help students to understand:
* The wide range of jobs and industries which require STEM skills.
* The future demand in the UK for people with STEM skills, at all levels of qualification from technical skills to research science.
* The types of qualifications people need to get started in STEM careers, including apprenticeships and graduates.
* The variety of STEM-based jobs, including what the jobs involve, training, benefits and prospects.
* Where to find further information on STEM careers, including a wide range of businesses which employ people with STEM skills at different levels.

These materials aim to promote the excitement and value of STEM careers to young people. They help to illustrate how people with science and technology skills can make a real and practical contribution to many of the challenges which the world faces today.

A set of case studies look at how Rolls-Royce interacts with and responds to its markets.

A set of resources for primary students are also available. These look at the topic areas of forces, keeping healthy and changing state through practical investigations using everyday materials.


Super Power Stories

This resource describes how engineers at Rolls Royce apply physics and chemistry in the development of their engines, including how materials behave in extreme conditions, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, the use of computer modelling to look at forces and energy transfers, and the use of maths in performance modelling.
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2010 to date

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