This collection from Teachers TV features videos, covering a wide range of mathematics topics, which are intended to be shown in class. Often ideal for use as as a lesson starter, some show practical applications of mathematical principles which pose problems for students to solve. Areas covered include:

*algebra to solve real problems
*surface area of different shapes
*continuous data
*ratio and proportion
*distance/time graphs
*golden ratio
*mathematics applied in business


Lucky Numbers

This is a Teachers’ TV programme from the series Painting with Numbers. In this episode Professor Marcus du Sautoy combines visual demonstrations with his unique gift for explanation to reveal the many benefits of understanding mathematics.

He looks at the numbers behind calculating risk by analysing...

Juggling with Algebra

This is a Teachers’ TV programme from the series KS3/4 Maths. In this episode, Year Seven students at St Edward's school get an inspiring introduction to number sequences and algebra courtesy of one teacher's juggling skills.

Head of mathematics, Ian Vallance, spotted the potential of resident juggler and...


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