This Planet Science collection for parents contains a selection of appealing science-based activities for students and their parents which are designed to entertain and make science an enjoyable activity for all. Most of the resources are pitched at younger age students aged from 3 to 11, although some could be used or adapted for older students.


Planet Science Reward Stickers

A collection of attractively designed stickers from Planet Science. Some stickers are in colour and some in black and white and they can be used to reward students of any age or level for excellent work. Alternatively, they can be used by students themselves for presentations.

Get Outside!

The collection from Planet Science provides resources, ideas and downloadable materials for children and their parents to encourage children’s observation and awareness of the world around them. There are four areas to explore, The Beach, Starwatching, Camouflage and Materials.

Egg Box and Cress Heads *suitable for home teaching*

The Egg Box resource is a series of seven eggy experiments from Planet Science for children to investigate. Extra science notes are given with each experiment for parents to discuss with their children. Cress Heads has a further three experiments on growing cress, jumping beans and foil spirals from Planet Science...


Three games for students from Planet Science which are based on dice with clues to articles that can be found around the house. The easy game is suitable for under 11’s, the harder for over 11’s with access to the internet.


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