Produced by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS), these case studies describe work done by practitioners to disseminate knowledge. The academic study of KTT recognises that sharing learning is much more than simply moving information from ‘A’ to ‘B’; the successful transfer of knowledge and technology relies on people communicating effectively. Therefore, these projects, drawn from across the FE and skills sector, present a range of strategies for enabling productive collaboration between people from different organisations and backgrounds in order to share new knowledge and technology to benefit STEM teaching and learning, including.

Case studies look at:
• In-house CPD events
• Regional collaboration
• Curriculum development
• Employer engagement
• Industry visits and placements for lecturers.



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Growing With STEM

From LSIS, this case study describes work by Wirral Metropolitan College. A core focus of the LSIS STEM Programme is embedding and supporting whole organisation approaches to STEM provision across the learning and skills sector. Wirral Metropolitan College has demonstrated how a whole-organisation approach to STEM...

Mathematics in Applied and Vocational Learning

Published by LSIS, this is a case study from the City of Bristol College. It looks at a programme to set up a collaboration with local schools, Nottingham University and local businesses to enhance the professional development of staff and offer new learning experiences for students studying mathematics. The aim...

Staff Visit to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN

Produced by the Learning Skills Improvement Service (LSIS), this case study tackles the theme of STEM skills for the future and knowledge transfer. In this case study, three members of Newcastle College staff travelled to CERN to view the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator. The aim of the visit was to...

Maintenance at POYO - 'The POrt is YOurs'

Produced by the Learning Skills Improvement Service (LSIS), this case study tackles the theme of knowledge and technology transfer. The study offers an example of how Newcastle College, became involved in a European Union funded project that involved four countries.

Involvement in the project provided...