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These publications have been produced as part of the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP). TEP materials do not prescribe what should be taught, or how. TEP has absolute confidence in the professional judgement of teachers to selectively copy or edit the materials as they believe appropriate. These resources are freely photocopiable for teachers to use in their classroom. Each book in this collection contains project outlines or narratives which follow a similar structure:

  • overall subject content
  • design brief
  • specification
  • design constraints
  • guide to design and manufacturing
  • evaluation

These project elements are in the hands of the teacher who might, for example, want to set a very specific content, an alternative design brief, or limit (or widen) the resources available.


Mini DC Generator

This publication, from the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP) explains how a generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. To understand how this happens, students need to know something about magnetic fields and what happens when a conductor such as copper wire is moved within a magnetic field....

Structures 14 to 16

This book, produced by the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), helps students to consider the design of man-made structures. Data, mathematics, computer modelling and actual scale models are all used in deciding if a structure's final design will work. The book looks at structural principles and applies them to...

Structures Post-16

Produced by the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), this book contains five design and make challenges and seven study files. The materials and activities help students to investigate structures and the use of resistant materials. The study units look at, and help students to practise, skills and techniques...

Young Technologist's Handbook

Produced for the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), this book contains a comprehensive selection of useful descriptions and reference information on the properties of materials, manufacturing processes, ergonomics and electronics. This pulls together a wide range of data into a single publication, accessible...


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