APU Science Reports for Teachers: Students Aged 13 to 15

Of the 11 APU short reports for teachers, eight concerned the performance of students aged 13 and 15, including two which also related to students aged 11. Report 2 outlined the rationale and categories of science performance assessed. Reports 3 and 5 summarised some main findings from surveys at age 13 and 15 respectively. Reports 6 and 9 concerned the methods and results of practical testing, which was a major feature of the science surveys. Reports 7 and 10 focused on students understanding of concepts relating to electricity and metals respectively. Report 11 describes the outcomes of a joint study between the APU science teams and the APU language team.


APU Science Report for Teachers 4: Science in Schools, Age 13

The APU report number 4 for teachers presents, in concise form, some of the data and findings of the APU surveys of students aged 13. It includes an outline of the assessment framework, some of the questions which were written to match it, a description of how well, and how differently, students responded to them...


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