Nuffield Physics: Year IV

Year IV of Nuffield Physics was seen by the authors as a stage for more serious and thorough study - still with enjoyment and delight, but now with more reasoning and coordinating thinking. It was to be a year of learning to 'make a noise like a physicist', as Rutherford once put it.

Year IV topics
1. Physical Basis of Newtonian Mechanics
2. Kinetic Theory of Gases
3. Universal Conservation of Energy
4. Power
5. Electricity
6. Electrons


Nuffield Physics: Teachers’ Guide IV

Year IV of Nuffield Physics was to be presented as a much more logical and closely knit programme than that of earlier years. The authors assumed that if previous work had been satisfactory, the students would have had sufficient experience and enjoyment to wish to...

Nuffield Physics: Questions Book IV

In Nuffield Physics constructive problems or questions that ask for active thinking largely took the place of pupils' reading in texts or background books. The purpose and nature of these questions was explained in chapter 1 of...

Nuffield Physics: Guide to Experiments IV

This Nuffield Physics Guide to Experiments was designed to supplement Teachers' Guide IV by giving details of the class experiments and demonstrations to be done during the fourth year of the Nuffield O-level physics programme. A special feature of the guides was the very clear, three-dimensional diagrams of the...

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