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BP Educational Service (BPES) provides inspiring, curriculum-linked teaching resources for primary and secondary schools and colleges. The resources feature animated video clips, lesson plans, posters and worksheets.

This collection includes a selection of materials from BP's freely available resources to support primary and secondary schools, and an introduction to the careers support resources provided by BP.

*Young Science Investigators: The Young Science Investigators (YSI) are Beepy, Dev and Kate. Together they help pupils to learn about Science through fun, engaging, classroom-centred experiments and activities.

*Science Skills: an interactive teaching resource with six challenges drawn from the real-life context of BP's business. Each challenge has been adapted to make it suitable for students aged 11-16.

*Carbon Footprint Toolkit: an interactive resource to teach students aged 11-16 about carbon emissions, impacts, choices for reduction and alternative energy supplies.

*Enterprise Trading Game: a fast-paced activity where students aged 14-19 trade and compete in teams.

*Climate Change Online Activities: interactive exercises that demonstrate key climate change concepts – global susceptibility to climate change, the greenhouse effect, sea level rise and deforestation.

*Science at Work: BP scientists and engineers give their views on the skills you need to be a scientist and why it is a rewarding and useful job.

*BP in Business: brings to life key Business Studies topics through real-life examples from BP's multinational business.


Primary Resources

A selection of lesson plans, activities and teachers' notes for students aged 7-11 from BP Educational Service (BPES). The Young Science Investigators are Beepy, Dev and Kate, who help students to learn about science through engaging, classroom-centred experiments and activities.

A selection of lesson plans, activities and teachers notes for students aged 11-19 from BP Educational Service (BPES). The materials include interactive animations, information and activity sheets, and suggestions for practical activities.

Careers Resources

Many of BP's educational resources provide insights into a wide range of career routes. The materials support the teaching of subject concepts, and also help young people to see how STEM subject knowledge contributes to achievement of technological and engineering goals in business and industry.

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