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Catalyst Magazine is a science journal for young people aged 14-19 and their educators. It brings STEM subjects to life with insights into cutting-edge scientific research and industry R&D exploring the practical applications of complex science in the world around us. Catalyst magazine is a digital only magazine, each edition is accompanied by Learning Notes that expand upon some of the content, providing opportunities to continue exploring the science, the careers and real world context.  Recent editions can be found on its own website:




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This issue of Catalyst includes the following articles:

Do U Wan2 Tlk> ;)

Mobile phones are everywhere; most people in the UK own one. But how do they work? This article looks at the science behind this popular piece of...

Articles in this issue of Catalyst include:

Climate Modelling

This article considers the scientific likelihood of the sudden onset of an ice age.

In Vitro...

This issue of Catalyst includes the following articles:


Hair can be cut and sculpted into the latest fashionable shapes and can hold fast to all the colours of the rainbow. This article explores how hair grows and how...

This issue of Catalyst includes the following articles:

Exploring Saturn

This article follows the journey of the space probes "Huygens" and "Cassini", sent to explore Titan, a moon of Saturn. After a seven year journey it was...