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The Future Morph website provides a range of careers-related contexts to support teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The materials help students to understand the relevance of STEM subjects to a wide range of career routes, many of which they do not necessarily associate with these subjects. The resources include short video profiles of people who use STEM in their job. Each video is linked to a practical activity suggested in the accompanying resources booklet and teachers' notes.


Future Morph: Bakery Manager

In this Future Morph video, bakery manager Emma Snead talks about her background in food science and describes baking on an industrial scale. The video includes descriptions of the following:

How Emma became a bakery manager. Hygiene and food security measures  Preparation of the dough  Baking the biscuits...

Future Morph: Physiotherapist *suitable for home teaching*

In this Future Morph video, Bristol City Football Club physiotherapist Nick Dawes talks about how he became a physiotherapist. He describes the qualifications and training needed to become a physiotherapist. He describes the challenges he meets during his work which includes the treatment of injuries, player...

Future Morph: Primary School Teacher

This Future Morph video introduces primary school teacher Tim Gadd, who explains the importance of subject knowledge and linking lessons to children's everyday experiences when teaching science. In the related activity students plan a science lesson suitable for a primary school class. It encorages students to...

Future Morph: Science Journalist *suitable for home teaching*

In this Future Morph video, freelance science writer Helen Carmichael talks about writing on a range of topics and for different audiences. She describes how she combines her knowledge of science with skills in researching and presenting information to produce an engaging science-based story. Helen describes how...


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