This project allows students to consider the nature of games and sports in depth. What are the characteristics of games that make them enjoyable to play and watch? How can games be redesigned for different participants and different occasions? How can kit and equipment be designed to improve performance?

Students explore these questions through skills-based science, mathematics and design & technology activities leading to open-ended group project in which they work in groups to design a new game.

  • The 16 hours of teaching time are made up of:
  • An introductory lesson on teamwork
  • Two 5-hour learning skills development pods
  • One 5-hour student project pod.

This collection includes the power points that drive the learning in the pods. The full set of resources teachers' notes, students' sheets and CPD modules can be downloaded free at the Nuffield Foundation website.



This Nuffield Foundation resource opens with a team game that demonstrates the need for careful planning and collaboration. Students use their findings to construct a standard operating procedure that enables them to improve their performance through better collaboration. They are also introduced to their games...

Pod 1: Up to the Mark

In this Nuffield Foundation activity students carry out an investigation into some sporting techniques to establish whether practice improves performance. They conduct research into the rationale for training schedules for different sports. Students then investigate target games to explore whether scoring systems...

Pod 2: In Top Gear

In this Nuffield Foundation activity students use secondary data to investigate how changes in technology have led to improved performance in cycling. They research footwear to see how materials of different properties can be combined for specific purposes and carry out a practical investigation to define the...

Pod 3: Game On

In this Nuffield Foundation activity students use the learning skills they have acquired in earlier pods to invent a new game of their own. They need to design and test equipment as well as establish effective rules and a fair scoring system. Groups then present and explain their new game at a sports fair where it...

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