Nuffield Chemistry: General Guidance

The Nuffield Chemistry team produced three publications to give general guidance about the approach to teaching suggested by its Sample Scheme:
*Introduction and Guide
*A Handbook for Teachers
*Collected Experiments

These publications were designed to help teachers to understand the very significant changes being proposed to the rationale for teaching chemistry to students aged 11-16. The investigative approach was based on practical work to underpin the development of concepts. Parallel changes in methods of assessment took place to reflect the new aims of the programme.


Nuffield Chemistry: Chemistry - Introduction and Guide

One of the first books to be produced by the Nuffield Science Teaching Project in the 1960s, this introduction outlines the Nuffield Chemistry scheme and how its new approach to teaching and assessment aimed to modernise the teaching of the subject for students aged 11-...

Nuffield Chemistry: Collected Experiments

Collected Experiments contains all the experiments used in the sample scheme together with many others. It is intended for the use of teachers, and its purpose is two-fold:

1. to provide alternative experiments in case those given for the sample scheme are not suited to the particular conditions under which...

Nuffield Chemistry: Handbook for Teachers

This Handbook for Teachers was one of the first publications of the Nuffield Science Teaching Project and explains the theoretical rationale underlying the Chemistry Sample Scheme. The analysis set out in the Handbook led to developments that are still reflected in...

Nuffield Chemistry: Guide to Chemistry Apparatus

The Guide to Chemistry Apparatus set out the requirements for the class experiments and teacher demonstrations suggested for Stages I and II of the Nuffield Chemistry Basic Course.

Notable changes in practice for the...


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