Big Picture

Produced by the Wellcome Trust, the Big Picture magazine was aimed at post-16 students and explored contemporary issues within biology and medicine. Each contains accessible information, that is directly relevant to the curriculum, along with supporting resources such as stimulus materials, activity sheets and presentations. These can be used to illustrate how science works, science in society and also allow the issues to be tackled within the classroom. A wide range of topics are covered in this collection. For example, issues such as addiction, climate change, nanoscience, drug development, sex and gender, obesity and evolution.



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This issue of Big Picture provides lots of interesting information about flowering plants and their uses. 

The plant hormones animation explores the action of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and shows how scientists used experimental evidence to explain the role of auxins in a phototrophic response.



These resources from the Wellcome Trust look at how populations grow, change and move, and why understanding them is so important. The resources use real research to illustrate many aspects of the study of populations, including:

  • ecology
  • epidemiology
  • ...

Professional development

Quality assurance of teachers’ continuing professional development’ looks at lessons from other quality assurance systems, and how they could be applied to teachers’ CPD in England.


Proteins *suitable for home teaching*

These resources explore proteins by their different function, with examples of how they give structure to living things, carry messages and molecules around our bodies, support the immune system, catalyse chemical reactions, and their use in industry and medicine:

Structure and movement How...