Big Picture

Produced by the Wellcome Trust, the Big Picture magazine was aimed at post-16 students and explored contemporary issues within biology and medicine. Each contains accessible information, that is directly relevant to the curriculum, along with supporting resources such as stimulus materials, activity sheets and presentations. These can be used to illustrate how science works, science in society and also allow the issues to be tackled within the classroom. A wide range of topics are covered in this collection. For example, issues such as addiction, climate change, nanoscience, drug development, sex and gender, obesity and evolution.



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From the Wellcome Trust, the 'Big Picture' looks at issues in science.

Dealing with things smaller than 100 nanometres (for comparison, a human hair is 80,000 nm wide), nanotechnologies are fast becoming the 'next big...

Neuroscience and education

The resource reports on a survey of teachers and parents, to find out their views on how neuroscience affects education. The report is dated January 2014.

Number crunching

This resource contains a number of articles explaining how statistics help us understand the world.

Investigating fingerprint types


From the Wellcome Trust, this issue of the 'Big Picture' series reviews the causes, health consequences, and personal and social impact of obesity, and how it might be tackled.

How is body weight controlled? Why is...