From the Institute of Physics, these resources are split into topics, each of which is subdivided into a number of episodes. An episode represents a coherent section of teaching. Each learning episode includes activities such as discussions, demonstrations student investigations and calculations. These can typically be completed in one or two lessons.

The topics covered are:
* Astronomy
* Astrophysics
* Cosmology
* Observations and information from spectra
* Red shift and the Doppler effect
* The expanding universe and Hubble's law


Episode 700: Preparation for Astronomy Topic

From the Institute of Physics, these learning episodes act as an introduction to cosmology and ideas about the history of the Universe. Most students should have heard of the Big Bang and expanding Universe. This topic makes it all plausible and looks at the wave speed formula, diffraction by a grating and the...

Episode 701: Observing Stars

In this learning episode, from the Institute of Physics, students see that what we know about the Universe comes from observations which rely on the radiation and particles that reach us on Earth. Students discuss astronomical observations including spectra and the information they can carry.

The activities...

Episode 702: Red Shift

Produced by the Institute of Physics, these activities demonstrate the Doppler effect.

Using sound and microwaves, the activities illustrate how changes in wavelength of spectral lines allow us to determine the motion of astronomical objects relative to ourselves.

The activities include:

Episode 703: Preparation for Cosmology Topic

From the Institute of Physics, these resources help students to understand that cosmology is the study of the Universe, its origins, history and possible future. In these activities, students look at the expanding universe and cosmology. There are two learning episodes in this topic:...


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