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A selection of archived film clips from Footagevault looking at historic space footage. Film clips available include: 'Saturn V rocket lift-off', 'The hammer and the feather on the moon', 'Astronauts leaping on the moon' and more. Footagevault has kindly provided clips which can be used with no charge.

Footagevault's full collection of space-related film spans the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century, covering everything from early experiments in powered flight and rocketry, through the space race and Apollo era to the Space Shuttle's 30 year history and the the International Space Station.

Film clips include:

  • Saturn V rocket lift-off, showing staging
  • The hammer and the feather on the moon
  • Astronauts leaping on the moon
  • Apollo 1 fire - the aftermath
  • Astronauts on 'space walk' from the International Space Station
  • Playing with toys in space
  • Spaceflight History: High Altitude Parachute Test
  • Spaceflight History: Early Space Suits
  • Spaceflight History: Rockets and Shuttle
  • Spaceflight History: First Spacewalk
  • Living in space
  • Skylab
  • International Space Station



Saturn V Rocket Lift-off, Showing Staging

This clip, from Footagevault, could be used for teaching Key Stage Three and Four content on energy, electricity and forces, or chemical and material behaviour. The film clip dramatically shows Newton's Third Law of Motion in action, "to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction...". The footage...

The Hammer and the Feather on the Moon

This classic Apollo 15 clip, from Footagevault, demonstrates that the mass of an object does not affect the time it takes to fall when dropped in a vacuum. The clip could be used in Key Stage Three and Four lessons on forces.

Astronauts Leaping on the Moon

This footage, from Footagevault, documents the locomotion of humans on the moon under reduced gravity conditions. It can be used with Key Stage Three and Four students to start discussions about forces. This clip shows Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan leaping towards the camera with great big kangaroo hops.


Apollo 1 Fire - the Aftermath

This historic footage, from Footagevault, was recorded at the top of the Apollo 1 rocket stack shortly after the fire which claimed the lives of the first Apollo astronauts. The film shows how ferociously things burn in a high pressure pure oxygen environment. The engineers running this Apollo test procedure had...


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