Teaching Advanced Physics: Vibrations and Waves

From the Institute of Physics, these resources are split into topics and each topic is subdivided into a number of episodes. An episode represents a coherent section of teaching – perhaps one or two lessons. The topics covered are:

* Simple harmonic motion
* Progressive waves
* Electromagnetic waves
* Reflection and refraction
* Superposition



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Episode 300: Preparation for Simple Harmonic Motion Topic

This set of resources, from the Institute of Physics, looks at simple harmonic motion (SHM). The topic follows logically from linear motion and circular motion. Activities also give opportunities to revisit many aspects of physics.

The learning episodes in this section include:

Episode 301:...

Episode 301: Recognising Simple Harmonic Motion

Through demonstrations and discussions, this learning episode from the Institute of Physics helps students to understand the main features of simple harmonic motion. This is in preparation to moving to a more mathematical description. Activities include: * observing simple harmonic motion (SHM) * discussing the...

Episode 302: Simple Harmonic Motion Getting Mathematical

Produced by the Institute of Physics, this learning episode assists students to use a mathematical approach to simple harmonic motion, starting from its physical basis and the forces involved. In the activities, students look at: * restoring forces in simple harmonic motion (SHM) * graphical representations of SHM...

Episode 303: Mass-Spring Systems

In this learning episode, from the Institute of Physics, students use experimental techniques and modelling to investigate simple harmonic motion (SHM). The activities include discussions, practical investigations and worked examples, including: • linking Hooke's law and SHM • investigating a loaded spring...