Badger Secondary Maths Samples

These maths samples from Badger include lesson starters and main activities in the form of problem solving.

The lesson starters have clear objectives linked to the Framework for Teaching Mathematics, a list of key words and questions. The starters can be used either to introduce an idea which then goes on to be that lesson’s main learning activity or they can be used to consolidate ideas before moving on to a very different objective for the rest of the lesson.

Each starter makes clear what resources are required, many of which are provided in copymaster form. The starters also include a ‘challenge’ for more able students and suggestions for the kind of links which could be made to a plenary session at the very end of the lesson.

The problem solved books are accompanied by a teachers' guide which has been written, in conjunction with the student book, to help provide opportunities for students to develop their problem-solving, reasoning and communicating skills in mathematics. It features a series of lesson plans which include scripts for starter, main activity and plenary.


Maths Starters

These maths starters from Badger include samples from Years Seven, Nine and Ten. They were written after the launch of the Framework for teaching mathematics.

The starters cover place value in year 7 and year 10, standard index form and rounding for making estimates in year 9 and approximating for...

Problem Solved

This sample of the Badger series on maths problem solving and investigative practice is in line with the Key Stage Three Strategy and Framework approach. This sample includes problems involving percentages and shape & space.

Problem Solved involves students in their maths with plenty of interactive work...

Building Blocks in History

This maths/history scheme of work from Badger began as a joint project between a Key Stage Three Strategy Consultant and a Head of History, with the intention of improving practice within a history department. This scheme of work does not claim to solve all of these problems but it does seek to alleviate some of...

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