A variety of games and quizzes, including popular 'Fun-size' activities.



The four multiple choice quizzes, from the Association for Science Education (ASE).

The everyday science puzzles cover the questions:

Moon blues: Can we really have a blue moon?

Insular electrons: How do you recharge an electric toothbrush through its plastic case?

Inner glow: Why does...


These Fun-Size materials, from the Association for Science Education (ASE) are short 5-15 minute activities that enliven lessons. These are part of the SYCD AKA Science collection. They range from short games and word plays through to quick demonstrations. Fun-size is particularly useful when you are working...

Biotechnology: Fizzy Pop

This resource, from the Association for Science Education (ASE), contains a number of recipes for making fermented soft drinks and some suggestions about how students could explore the science involved in making them.

The predecessors of modern carbonated drinks were often made at home or on a small scale....

Who Wants to Be a Scientist?

From the Association for Science Education (ASE), Who wants to be a scientist? is based on a well-known quiz format. It is a PowerPoint presentation, and works well in class or as a lunchtime competition using overheads. The quiz could be run during lunch times as an inter-form competition, or within class time....

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