ARKive works with the world's best filmmakers, photographers, conservationists and scientists to create a multimedia guide to the world's endangered species. The educational resources produced by ARKive help students to understand concepts of evolution and biodiversity and contain rich images of a wide variety of species. In this collection, resources cover a wide range of topics.

These include: 

  • variation, adaptation and evolution 
  • classification and the use of keys
  • biodiversity and endangered species

Please note that the website is no longer available. However, in March 2024, to continue the legacy of ARKive, Wildscreen launched Wildscreen ARK, an online nature education hub for young people, built to inspire curiosity about the natural world and empower them to protect it.



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ARKive School Museum

Produced by ARKive, this series of activities teaches students about endangered species through the creation of an interactive museum.

The ARKive School Museum presentation looks at examples of endangered species and explains the concept of an ARKive School Museum. Students then research an endangered...

Invasive Species (Age 11 to 14)

This resource from Arkive allows students to investigate the impacts that invasive species have on the environment, the effects that they have on native species and habitats, and the characteristics that make certain species good invaders. The activity looks at the different ways in which invasive species can...

Can anything live here?

This resource is designed to support learning about the Polar Regions alongside curriculum content. It is laid out in 3 sections. An introduction which sets the scene for looking at survival of plants and animals in the Polar regions, followed by activities for teachers to select...

ARKive's Adaptation: Design a Species Activity

This ARKive activity is designed to teach key stage three students about the concept of adaptation. Using the marine environment as an example, students learn about how different animal species are adapted physically or behaviourally to survive in a particular type of habitat. Students research an allocated habitat...