STEM clubs resources

This collection contains a vast array of STEM-related activity resources that are suitable for use in a STEM Club setting. The resources included in this collection contain long, short and one-off activities.

  • One-off activities are completed in one session. They are highly engaging and can have a real wow factor.
  • Short projects are any activity that takes club members two to three sessions to complete. Many of the shorter projects will include demonstrations or experiments that can be used as one-off activities.
  • Long projects are activities that take half a term or more to complete and might be considered a long project. Completing a long project can be very rewarding, especially if there is an award or a prize involved.



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STEM Clubs Artificial Intelligence resource

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a disruptive technology, meaning that it is significantly changing the way that people, businesses, and industry interact. To put it in context, the invention of the wheel, electricity, TV, and GPS are all disruptive technologies that changed the way in which society worked.


STEM Clubs case studies

STEM Clubs are out-of-timetable sessions that give secondary school students the chance to explore aspects of STEM that often go outside of the curriculum, focusing on specific disciplines or spanning...

Community STEM Clubs poster

STEM Clubs are not just for schools! They are a powerful and enjoyable way to engage young people with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

This poster is for anyone wishing to advertise a STEM Club in their local communities, be it a one-off session or recurring club; in a library or...

Sustainability for a greener world

Explore the world of sustainability through the knowledge and expertise of those seeking to effect change and make a difference. Through a series of videos, webinars, articles, ideas and practical activities young people aged 11 to 18 and their educators can expand their knowledge, question the world around them...