STEM clubs resources

This collection contains a vast array of STEM-related activity resources that are suitable for use in a STEM Club setting. The resources included in this collection contain long, short and one-off activities.

  • One-off activities are completed in one session. They are highly engaging and can have a real wow factor.
  • Short projects are any activity that takes club members two to three sessions to complete. Many of the shorter projects will include demonstrations or experiments that can be used as one-off activities.
  • Long projects are activities that take half a term or more to complete and might be considered a long project. Completing a long project can be very rewarding, especially if there is an award or a prize involved.



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This Cre8ate maths activity draws on measuring stretchiness which involves the collection of real data, calculating percentages and experimental design. This resource models one way in which engineers use their knowledge of mathematics to investigate the properties of materials. Here students investigate the...


This Cre8ate maths resource looks at challenges derived from printing processes where both logic and geometric thinking are required. In Folding booklets students are given a piece of A4 paper which they fold to form a 16 page booklet and, without cutting the folds in the paper, are challenged to number the pages...

Pit Stop

The Pit stop activities from Cre8ate maths are designed to motivate students to investigate the performance of model solar cars through a series of racing challenges. To do this activity you will need a set of model solar racing cars which are often shared between design technology and science departments. Students...

Eco Tourism

These Cre8ate maths activities involve complex analysis of information, a variety of calculations and the need to handle mixture of units, moving between grams, kilograms and tonnes. These activities are designed to give pupils an insight into the relative cost to the environment of travel and to highlight ways in...