Why you will never catch smallpox

This collection provides a cross-curricular learning package which supports learning about the work of Dr Edward Jenner on developing a vaccine for Smallpox. All activities are based around a short film, which highlights Jenner’s work from the viewpoint of a child living at the time in which he worked on the vaccine. Activities are:

Strength of Character- write stories or scripts based on the James film.

The great vaccine debate- role-play the Parliamentary debate about vaccination that took place in 1802.

Making movies- Create a final scene for the James film using scientific and historical understanding.

The history detectives- exploring evidence through sources of information.

The speckled monster- Simulation of a smallpox epidemic.

Measles alert! - A science, maths and English roleplay resource where children try to fight a measles epidemic.

This collection has been provided by ASE as part of the ‘Why You’ll Never Catch Smallpox’ resource.


Strength of character

This activity supports learning in reading and writing using the context of Dr Edward Jenner’s work on developing a vaccine for Smallpox. After watching the short film children learn about the key concepts relating to character and character development, using familiar examples from across film and literature. They...

Why you will never catch smallpox: making movies

This resource supports learning in literacy and drama and science, all based around the life of Edward Jenner. After watching a short film, children discuss some of the main differences between plays and films, beginning to think in terms of cinematic storytelling. They use their scientific and historical...

The history detectives

This activity supports learning in history and English, using the context of the context of Dr Edward Jenner’s work on developing a vaccine for Smallpox. It introduces the concept of historical evidence and helps children start to use primary and secondary sources to respond to simple history questions. The...

Measles alert!

In this exciting multimedia simulation activity, children work to bring a local measles epidemic under control. Children take on roles in an Outbreak Control Team as Science Advisors, Data Analysts, and Healthcare Workers and use their maths, science and research skills to analyse and fight the outbreak, and...


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