Joy of code: Java programming with Greenfoot

Greenfoot is a programming environment for the coding language Java.  It has been designed primarily to assist game design; featuring an introduction to object oriented programming it enables students to create 2D games with sound relatively easily whilst introducing key programming concepts.

In this series of thirty three video tutorials, Michael Kölling from King’s College, London, guides students through the process of installation, creation and improvement, using a range of games as exemplars.



Java programming with Greenfoot: bouncy coloured balls

In this revision tutorial students create a new game that features bouncing balls.  They revisit class and field structures, modifying images and using constructors to add new balls as well as exploring using methods to change parameters.

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Java programming with Greenfoot: dealing With errors

This video tutorial explains the different error codes that occur in Greenfoot Java and other programming languages and demonstrates how to find out exactly where the error has occurred.  This includes syntax errors (which present code from compiling as something has been typed incorrectly) and runtime errors (...

Java programming with Greenfoot: introduction to loops

In this video tutorial students are introduced to one of the fundamental concepts of programming – loops.  This is demonstrated by creating a row of multiple blocks within the breakout game.  A while loop is introduced to establish the parameters of the blocks to ensure they fit within the games play area.


Java programming with Greenfoot: installing Greenfoot

In this video tutorial students are guided through the process of installing Java and the Greenfoot environment on a range of operating systems.  Common installation problems are also addressed.

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