Genetics and biotechnology

A collection of post 16 resources which cover biotechnology, DNA sequencing and  gene therapy.  These resources are part of the post 16 genetics and genomics collection.


Shotgun sequencing

In shotgun sequencing many copies of the entire genome are "blown up" into millions of small fragments. Each small fragment is sequenced. Powerful computers then assemble the individual fragments into the original configuration. Repeat sequences pose a problem for this approach because their sizes can be much...

DNA restriction

The discovery of enzymes that could cut and paste DNA made genetic engineering possible. Restriction enzymes, found naturally in bacteria, can be used to cut DNA...

Small-molecule microarrays

Microarray technology is useful for screening many small molecules at once. DNA microarray can be used to measure the expression level of many genes simultaneously. DNA microarrays, for example, have been helpful in diagnosing different tumors. The widespread use of microarray technology promises to guide research...


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