DNA, genes and chromosomes

A collection of resources covering DNA, genes and chromosomes. This collection is part of the Post 16 genetics and genomics collection.


The genetic code

This book is part of the Archive Collection which is available to view at the National STEM Learning Centre.

Hydrogen bonding

Diagram showing the hydrogen bonds that form between the four bases in the DNA double helix. These weak forces between the bases keep the two complementary strands of DNA together and ensure that the correct bases are put in the right place during replication of the DNA molecule. A always pairs with T and C always...

Telomere 3-D

A 3-D movie that journeys into the human cell revealing a chromosome’s telomeres.

Courtesy: National Human Genome Research Institute.

This resource is part of the Post 16 genetics and genomics collection of resources.

Double helix images

A series of images representing double helix images.

  • DNA double helix and sequencing output: molecular model of a DNA double helix showing the individual atoms (apart from hydrogen) as coloured balls. Carbon atoms are in white, oxygen in red, phosporus in purple and nitrogen in blue....


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