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Access a variety of research reports that include academic research papers, best practice evidence, reviews of education research and reports related to educational research in the STEM subjects.



Highlighted research from the National STEM Learning Network


Using coaching to enhance science specific professional development for primary teachers

Published February 2016

This research paper indicates that coaching and mentoring are significant features of effective professional learning for teachers.

Developing Great Teaching: Lessons from the international reviews into effective professional development

Published 2015


InGenius Careers Report

Published October 2015

These reports describe how one project, InGenious, has successfully enabled a range of schools across 26 European countries to effect change in the interest students display in STEM careers and increase their likelihood of taking up such careers when they leave education.

How to enhance CPD to maximise the measurable impact on students’ achievement in science - Hoyle and Kudenko 

Published in 2014 

The purpose of any teacher continuing professional development (CPD) is to ensure a positive change in pupils’ outcomes, yet the evaluative evidence to support this relationship is often weak or missing. Using the CPD programme for science teachers and support staff at the UK National Science Learning Centre, this research, presented at the ESERO 2013 conference proceedings, investigates how CPD strategies can facilitate the most impact on students’ achievement in sciences backed by ‘hard’ and rigorous evidence.