Primary Science Quality Mark

Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) is a year-long CPD programme that helps schools to achieve a quality mark, whether science within the school has been a low profile for a while or the school wants to improve the provision further.

Primary Science Quality Mark logoIt focuses on developing effective, confident science leadership for whole school impact on science teaching and learning.

There are three different Primary Science Quality Marks to ensure that all schools can achieve the accreditation. Primary Science Quality Marks are intended to be school appropriate and provide a framework for improvement and development in leadership and provision, whatever the starting point.

For each of the three Primary Science Quality Marks, there are 13 criteria that schools must meet. Please be aware that schools have to meet the criteria by the end of the PSQM year and not beforehand. PSQM is a CPD programme. Subject leaders attend training throughout the year and receive online mentoring to help them to meet the criteria in their schools.

PSQM was initiated at the Science Learning Centre East of England with support from the ASE, Barnet Local authority and Wellcome. It is now run from the University of Hertfordshire, supported by the Primary Science Teaching Trust, and continues to work closely with STEM Learning and the ASE.

Visit the PSQM website