Polar Ambassadors

Creating a network of Polar Ambassadors

The Polar Explorer Programme encourages and supports schools to enrich their teaching of STEM subjects.

Over three years, 500 primary schools from across the UK will benefit from the support of a Polar Ambassador.

Polar Ambassadors provide support to improve progression in STEM subjects for 7-11 year olds. 

Polar Ambassadors help to increase:

  • enjoyment and engagement in STEM subjects and extra-curricular activities
  • confidence in learning science and in scientific enquiry skills
  • awareness of the importance and relevance of science to society, and the role this plays in relation to helping people live with and adapt to climate change
  • knowledge of career opportunities available to pupils who study STEM subjects


Polar Ambassador activities

Polar Ambassadors across the country have already begun their work and are helping schools to take part in a range of activities, including:

  • in-school professional development for teachers
  • free access to resources and activities, which have been curated to link with the commissioning and operation of the ship
  • ideas and suggestions to support schools' outreach activities
  • support in achieving a CREST Megastar award


Personal qualities

Polar Ambassadors are a group of experienced educators and STEM industry experts with a passion for all things Polar and have:

  • a passion and ability for enthusing primary children using the design and construction of the ship as a context for learning
  • excellent communication skills
  • enthusiasm for using polar themes as a context to enrich teaching and learning
  • confidence in supporting and delivering practical lessons with classes of primary pupils, knowledge of the primary National Curriculum (and its equivalent)
  • determination, tenacity and perseverance

If you are interested in becoming a Polar Ambassador you can email polar@stem.org.uk to find out more.