Our industry partners

We are proud to work in partnership with organisations who come together to bring about inspired teaching through the continuing professional development of teachers of STEM subjects across the UK.

To help us achieve our vision, we work with a number of partners and supporters to ensure that teachers, technicians and other educators get the best possible support.

Our supporters

Partner testimonials

  • "STEM is critical to the success of the UK. STEM subjects are vital to us. They are the fuel that powers our innovation. Every day our thousands of researchers, engineers and technicians use the principles they first began to learn at school and put them into practice, creating some of the most complex machines ever built. Great teaching in STEM is therefore absolutely fundamental and that is why Rolls-Royce is a founding partner of Project ENTHUSE."
  • Paul Broadhead Head of Community Investment and Education Outreach Rolls-Royce plc
  • "BP is a founding partner of Project ENTHUSE because we believe that great teaching is central to inspiring young people's love of STEM. Through ENTHUSE, we work in partnership with leading UK organisations dedicated to creating a positive impact for young people through STEM engagement. We see two main benefits to being part of ENTHUSE: we learn from others to improve our own programmes, and we can achieve more in partnership than alone."
  • Ian Duffy, Head of UK communications and community development, BP plc

Be inspired

  • Corrine Ward, STEM AmbassadorVolunteering for change: why I became a STEM Ambassador

    "Having spent the large majority of my career working in engineering and IT, I knew only too well the challenges the sectors faced to encourage the next generation of engineers and IT professionals.

    The opportunity came up for me to introduce the STEM Ambassador programme into my organisation and I really wanted to get involved."

    Corrine Ward, the HR Lead at risual, shares her reasons for becoming a STEM Ambassador.

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Inspiring the next generation - a how-to guide for SMEs

BAE Systems, in conjunction with MTC and Wilmott Dixon, has developed a STEM how-to guide with the Women’s Business Council aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The guide offers guidance on how SMEs can work most effectively with local schools and youth and community groups to promote STEM subjects and encourage more young people, especially girls, to choose STEM-related careers.

A second guide, developed by BAE Systems, is aimed specifically at SMEs in the engineering sector. 

Both guides support SMEs to increase their local engagement, explain how they can get involved with programmes including STEM Ambassadors and provide links to a wide range of resources which can be used to the support delivery of STEM activities in and outside of the classroom.