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The alumni network consists of former students who have successfully participated in Nuffield Research Placements over the last 25 years. 
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  • holly - 2006 alumnus                

    Placement organisation: The University of Edinburgh

    Topic: Cosmic Rain - Investigating Particles from Space

    Highlight: "I loved the entrepreneurial aspect of the project. I had a lot of agency in trying out my own ideas, creating my own tools to work with and testing the limits of the instruments I was building."

    Reflections: "Lean into every resource available to you – use the placement to build on the knowledge of your subject area as well as an opportunity to enhance your presentation and communication skills. Having a STEM background opens more doors than you can imagine, and the career possibilities are so varied that sometimes, it really does seem like anything is possible."

  • imran - 2010 ALUMNUS              

    Placement organisationUniversity of Leicester

    Topic: Measuring Changes in Transgenerational Genome Stability in Mice, Following Paternal Exposure to the Anticancer Drug Procarbazine

    Highlight: "The best bit was being hands on and learning the processes carried out for the research and being given the responsibility to carry out these processes unassisted. The work I carried out contributed to ongoing research."

    Reflections"Because of this experience, it helped me look more in depth into different careers and it prepped me to ask about things I'd have never thought of before. Without the placement, I wouldn't know what to look for in my future career."

  • nada - 2018 ALUMNUS                

    Placement organisationImperial College London

    Topic: Exploring graph theory and its applications in chemistry

    Highlight"Being shown new ways of approaching problems and learning how to write good proofs."

    Reflections"It confirmed my aspirations to become a mathematician and enter the field of academia. I am currently in the second year of a mathematics MSci program at King's College London and on the path to my goal. Don't be afraid to ask questions, challenge yourself and immerse yourself in the project."

  • susan - 2018 ALUMNUS                

    Placement organisationPublic Health England

    Topic: Monitoring the background radiation on failed neutron dosimeters

    Highlight: "Getting to talk to experts in the field of radiation and learning from my supervisors. I still am in touch with my supervisors as we are connected on Linkedin."

    Reflections"My placement let me pursue a lot more of statistical maths and nuclear in general. I am currently reading engineering at Cambridge and those two subjects are things I am interested in. Take all the opportunities within the placement even if it is not directly related to your research."

  • shamiso - 2020 ALUMNUS                

    Placement organisationBT

    TopicHow can the Internet of Things (IoT) be utilized in a post-COVID society?

    Highlight: Seeing the different strategies my peers employed when approaching our project title.

    Reflections"After finishing my NRP I amended my project then submitted it to CREST for a Gold award. I am still waiting on a response, but if I get the award I will mention it in any interviews I receive from universities I have applied to through UCAS. I chose universities that are ranked high for research."

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