Placement: University of Cambridge TY817

Join the University of Cambridge for a placement where you can immerse yourself in the world of STEM outside of the classroom.


Location: Department of Biochemistry, Sanger Building, 80 Tennis Ct Rd, Cambridge CB2 1GA

The following dates are currently available:

5 day placements are available from October to the end of February, supported by £1000 of ENTHUSE bursary funding. To help select a date that works with your timetable, here are the Cambridge University term dates.

If you would like to take part in a placement in 2018/19, please complete this form stating your chosen dates and send it to:

The final part of the scheme is a one-day professional development experience, held 2-6 months after the placement.

This opportunity is suitable for STEM teaching professionals and/or professionals with additional responsibility for careers.

Going on a placement at Cambridge University will help you to:

Inspire your students – increase your own understanding by attending lectures, seminars and laboratory sessions in biological sciences. Meet with students, researchers and lecturers working at the university and gain and insight into the breadth of curriculum content available to students entering this field.

Build strong links with a local university – connect with a local university to develop staff and student experiences, with the aim of creating a longer term partnership. Help to boost your students’ confidence in making degree and career choices. Find out more about the skills and competencies required for a science-based career and gain ideas for future collaboration (e.g. work experience, mentoring, speakers).
Enhance your advice on careers options– gain useful information about how to support students to make university applications through UCAS, and develop a wider knowledge of how to support students in making career decisions, taking into account future  STEM industries.

University Information:

The University of Cambridge is one of the world’s leading universities, with a particularly strong reputation in Biological Sciences. The Departments of Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Zoology are closely involved in undergraduate teaching throughout the Natural Sciences and Medical and Veterinary Sciences courses.

Research in the Department of Biochemistry ( focuses on the fundamental processes of biological systems, with a particular emphasis on understanding at the molecular level, with themes of Chemical Biology and Drug Design, Disease Biology, DNA and Chromatin Biology, Molecular Microbiology, Plant Biochemistry & Bioenergy, RNA Biology, Cell Signalling, Stem Cell Biology and Systems Biology.

Major research areas of the Department of Pharmacology ( include Cell Signalling, Macromolecular Structure, Neuroscience, Organ Systems, and Pharmacological Intervention in Cancer and Infectious Diseases.

Research in the Department of Zoology ( focuses on the themes of Behavioural Ecology, Biomechanics and Behaviour, Cell and Developmental Biology, Conservation Science, Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics, and Neurobiology.


This ENTHUSE bursary funded placement offers you an opportunity to:

• provide inspirational experiences for teachers, which will in turn help them to inspire their students
• support the transition between A-Level and Higher Education, helping to highlight routes of study and future STEM related careers
• develop firmer links between school / college and university
• equip your school or college in response to the Government’s careers strategy


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