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STEM Insight placements provide a unique opportunity for education staff to experience life in a modern industry or a leading university.

Described as professionally life-changing, STEM Insight placements equip teachers, technicians and support staff with real-life knowledge and experience, helping to bring careers to life in the classroom. Whether you’d like to attend a placement or are looking to host a placement of your own, you can play a part in inspiring the future workforce. 

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STEM Insight stories

Immersive experiences to inspire the classroom

When I became Head of Biology I was surprised at how few medical students we were producing. I investigated the situation and it appeared that very few of our most able students were applying for medicine in the first place.Looking further it seemed that students were either not well enough informed, or not confident in putting themselves up for medicine. I...

See how teachers, universities and employers can come together to improve STEM education

STEM Insight provides teachers with a unique opportunity to experience life in cutting-edge industry or university.It’s the chance to go on a placement to learn about jobs and career paths, ensuring students have access to the best possible STEM careers information. This is a core part of the Government’s new...

Research highlights a need for businesses to support careers in STEM

A recent survey has highlighted the importance for businesses to do more to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers in schools.The survey, carried out by Atomik Research for Centrica, the owner of British Gas, involved 1,401 secondary teachers and 1,063 pupils aged 14 to 18....