Who were the first winners of the Football World Cup?

I always thought that Uruguay were the first winners of the football world cup in 1930. However, on my way to Weardale, County Durham I passed through a town where the road sign stated; “West Aukland, home to the winners of the first football world cup”! A football exhibition in Stanhope confirmed the fact that West Aukland won the first world cup...


Making mathematics real

I remember a very energetic mathematics advisor jumping across an imaginary place value chart, demonstrating a physical way to help children learn about place value and multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. Physically moving around is a great way to learn and adds to the multi-sensory approach used to encompass the variety of learning styles...


Planning for the new mathematics curriculum

The plan was clear. All I needed was:the mathematics objectives printed onto different coloured slips of paper depending upon the topic; number, algebra, space and shape etcmany pieces of sugar papera glue stickliving room floora few hours of peace and quiet one Saturday afternoonAfter an exhausting afternoon I had finally completed my...


Reading helps mathematics

The Institute of Education examined the reading habits of 6,000 children. They concluded that children who read for pleasure are likely to do better in English than those who rarely read in their free time. At first glance this appeared to be a piece of research that revealed the obvious. However, the interesting point is that children who read...


The National STEM Centre – big in Uganda!

Not only are the resources on the National STEM Centre eLibrary being used more and more to support the teaching of STEM subjects across the UK - the materials are also being used as far afield as Uganda!We were recently contacted by Barbara Ball, author of the Taskmaths series of books, who told of work that was taking place at the National...

Getting ready for a new term?

‘Mathematics starters’ and ‘Year 7 New Starter Investigations and Activities’ are two lists of resources I have created using the National STEM Centre eLibrary:Mathematics starters contains a list of suggestions for a variety of lesson starters.Year 7 New Starter Investigations and Activities contains a number of mathematical investigations,...


Confused by worded problems?

Whilst taking part in a professional development course run by NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) recently, we were asked this question:Laura had $240. She spent 5/8 of it. How much money did she have left?When asked this type of question, 78% of children in Singapore got the answer correct whilst only 25% of...


National Storytelling Week

There is nothing better than a good story. How often have I seen even the most challenging of students sitting completely engrossed by a tale, eagerly awaiting what happens next…? I remember listening to a professional storyteller, whilst on a field trip in Wales, telling tales of mythical creatures called boggarts. He was brilliant. The sixty...



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