What's on the horizon for design and technology?

When my alarm goes off, I check my phone and BBC news lets me know that today, like every day, there has been a new development or creative idea in the world of design and technology. Just this week the Government has opened up the consultation for the new design and technology GCSE! I arrive at work and because you’re a design and...

The Amazing D30

A material with a split personality, combining Textile, Product Design and Engineering!D30 is runny, like orange slime, when it’s moving slowly. But if you hit it with a hammer it’s as hard as metal. Wow!Helmets, motorcycle jackets, footwear, phone cases, clothing for stunt actors, and even boxing gloves can all be made using D30. You can see some...

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up?“Athlete”“Doctor”“Actor”“Fashion designer”Sound familiar?When asked at the age of 14 what I wanted to do when I grew up, I answered “football player or coach.” Maybe I was still riding the high of watching Leicester City beat Tranmere Rovers in the FA League Cup. Maybe it was the years of playing football...

Beatrice 'Tilly' Shilling: Pioneering engineer

Beatrice Shilling is my chosen STEM champion. In 1924, Beatrice Shilling in her mid-teens decided she wanted to be an engineer. Seventy-five years later, in my mid-teens, and completely unaware of the great history of my chosen profession or the great women who had entered into it, I made the same decision. The work of Beatrice Shilling was...


Women into technology & engineering: how I ended up working in the space business

Guest blog from Vicki Lonnon, Spacecraft Quality Assurance Engineer, Airbus Defence & SpaceIf you had asked me at age 14 what I wanted to be when I grew up I would have told you my dream was to become a barrister. So I guess you’re wondering how I ended up working in the space business.I had always taken an interest in science and enjoyed in...


Textiles, technology and tattoos

Wearable computers are becoming, well, more wearable!By embedding tiny sensors and microelectronics within the yarn itself, the Advanced Textiles Research Group at Nottingham Trent University is now developing smart textiles which are soft, flexible and washable, with applications ranging from monitoring patient’s vital signs to flexible displays...

National Storytelling Week

There is nothing better than a good story. How often have I seen even the most challenging of students sitting completely engrossed by a tale, eagerly awaiting what happens next…? I remember listening to a professional storyteller, whilst on a field trip in Wales, telling tales of mythical creatures called boggarts. He was brilliant. The sixty...



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