What would you do with the darkest material ever made?

If you are looking to hide those dents in your surface finish, Vantablack makes three dimensional objects look two dimensional – the ultimate way to hide those surface imperfections!What is Vantablack?Described as the “closest thing to a black hole we'll ever see”, Vantablack is a surface finish developed by Surrey...

How do you choose the perfect 3D printer for your classroom?

Image credit: https://zortrax.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Zortrax_M200_workshop.jpg3D printers can be used as a revolutionary teaching tool to engage pupils, and they can help students to understand design and manufacturing and learn hands-on. However, with so many different types of machine, filament and software packages to choose from,...

Don’t crumble under the pressure: ideas for the Crumble microcontroller

I was after a microcontroller to allow me to make displays and projects come to life with light and movement.I needed one that would run itself after it’s unplugged from the laptop and above all else it had to be easy to use with no quirky jargon. The Crumble controller fitted the bill and, amazingly, it’s the most easy to use piece...


Robin and Lucienne Day, British designers who changed the landscape of furniture and furnishings

This month, we take a look at two designers who shaped post war Britain with mass manufactured designs that brought innovative and affordable design to the British public.   Working on back to back drawing boards, but working independently, Robin Day OBE and his wife Lucienne Day shared the spirit of optimism that ran through...


Top tips for 3D printing

The countless capabilities of 3D printing seem to grow by the day. Whether it’s improving production processes for manufacturing - such as replacing CNC and milling as is achievable with a Markforged Mark Two 3D printer, or encouraging children to take an active interest in additive manufacturing - as is achievable with a BEEINSCHOOL 3D...

How to utilise 3D printing in the classroom

It’s in the news every week, school children are talking about it, most people in technology have probably heard about it, but what exactly is 3D printing?Critics are saying it’s the next industrial revolution that’s due to change how the manufacturing industry operates. Industry leaders claim 67% of manufacturers in the UK are already using 3D...

Why I love Chicks with Bricks

Today the wonderfully named ‘Chicks with Bricks’ – a group celebrating women in construction roles and industries – are having a celebration event.Unfortunately I can’t make it this time but I went to one not so long ago, meeting a vast range of women, and men, working on major and not so major projects, and all with great stories to tell. It was...


National Storytelling Week

There is nothing better than a good story. How often have I seen even the most challenging of students sitting completely engrossed by a tale, eagerly awaiting what happens next…? I remember listening to a professional storyteller, whilst on a field trip in Wales, telling tales of mythical creatures called boggarts. He was brilliant. The sixty...



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