Meet Jen: Trainee Clinical Scientist

My name is Jen and I’m a trainee Medical Physicist in the Radiotherapy Department at St. James’ Hospital in Leeds. I’m currently training to become a qualified Clinical Scientist in Radiotherapy Physics as part of the national Scientist Training Programme.Before I go into too much detail about my current role, I’ll just give you a bit of...


How do you solve a problem like girls in physics?

Three years ago my colleagues and I sat down to discuss how we could, in our own small way, help to tackle the problem of a low uptake of A level physics by girls. The result was a termly event called Girls in Physics.The aim of this evening event is to create a space for girls to network with each other, to meet students with similar interests,...


Taking the fear out of physics

In my experience, when science teachers hear the word ‘physics’ they seem to go pale and swiftly move on to another subject. For some, finger nails on a chalkboard would be a preferable experience.By degree, I’m not a physicist, I spent many of my academic years studying medicine at Bristol, but during my training my circumstances changed rather...


Science practicals: making a voltaic cell

This is a really simple way to show how we can chemically generate electricity using everyday equipment.A voltaic cell, named after Alessandro Volta, is an electrochemical cell that derives electrical energy from the flow of electrons from one metal to another, this is driven by oxidation and reduction reactions (redox) (depending on the loss or...


Teaching secondary science outside the classroom

Going outside can add a sense of occasion to learning and make a lesson memorable. With better weather on the way, we asked around the office for some favourite ways to take the lesson outside. Here’s our top six physics activities and top four chemistry activities: Top six outdoor physics activities:Model the...


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