Simple STEM activities to do at home: NHS rainbow

It has been heart-warming to see so many “thank you NHS” rainbows placed in the windows of our neighbour’s houses with “stay safe” and “be kind” messages to show support for our local community and lift spirits.Freya and I decided to not only create a rainbow but to jazz it up with some sparkly jewels. We sang the old rhyme “Richard of York Gave...

Simple STEM activities to do at home: Helicopter Spinner

Like most parents the last couple of days has forced me to juggle both childcare and work commitments. I’m lucky that I have a teaching background but my two daughters, Rosie aged 7 and Beth aged 12, are much younger than the sixth form students that I used to teach. Their age difference makes setting a task which satisfies and challenges both...

Simple STEM activities to do at home

I’m a teacher who has lots of experience teaching primary age children. Teaching at home should be easy, right? No, it most certainly isn’t!There is a distinct lack of enthusiasm from my nine-year-old, who is under the impression that he’s on holiday. With the constant interruptions, dive-bombing of online meetings and sloping off to play on...


Engaging teens with science

If you’ve ever shown a young child a simple science experiment you will know that, in their eyes, you are now a wizard. With some nurturing, science engagement in children can be quite straightforward to grow and maintain. But then, they evolve into a terrifying sub-species… the teenager.Suddenly all the tips and tricks you once had down to a tee...


Your careers advice

Ahead of National Careers Week, 2-7 March, we asked on LinkedIn and Twitter for your best pieces of careers advice, and you certainly delivered. Thanks to everyone who contributed - your input is always appreciated. Here is a selection of what you offered. A common theme is making sure you enjoy whatever you do Always be ready...


Maths is everywhere

The International Day of Mathematics is celebrated across the world on 14 March.The theme for 2020 is ‘Mathematics is everywhere’, encouraging schools to consider how mathematics is used across a wide range of professions, in the organisation of society and government, plus in everyday activities.As a primary subject leader, I like to find...


The Great Science Share for Schools

The Great Science Share for Schools (GSSfS) is an annual campaign to inspire young people to share their scientific questions with new audiences.It’s a unique campaign that seeks to encourage children to take the lead in developing their own scientific questions and investigations, to raise the profile of science in schools and communities, and...


Differentiation: empowering learners

Jane Winter and Yeasmin Mortuza are our experience mentors for our free Differentiation for Learning online course. Here, they share an element of their roles they particularly enjoy recording our video diaries, as it is an opportunity to highlight what course participants have written. Ross, one of the teachers participating on the course,...

Careers in the STEM curriculum

I’m guessing pretty much every teacher has been asked the question “Why do we need to know this?” by a student at some point in their career. What answer would you give to them? If it is to suggest linking learning to the world outside of the classroom, giving examples of people who use that skill or knowledge as part of their job, or maybe...


Meet the 2020 bp Ultimate STEM Challenge Judges

The deadline for entries for the 2020 Ultimate STEM Challenge has now closed. This year’s theme focused on ‘wearable tech’ inviting pupils across the UK to come up with amazing ideas for new wearable tech that will improve our lives in the future. For the first time this year, the challenge was opened to 9-11-year-olds across the UK. With entries...


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