What’s happening at UK Robotics Week 2017?


UK Robotics Week takes place between 24-30 June 2017 and is a week-long celebration of all things robotics.

Now in its second year of running, the nationwide series of events demonstrates the latest technologies and research, and offers some fantastic competitions for schools to engage with robotics.

We’ve been keeping an eye out for all the fascinating goings-on during this futuristic week, here are a few of the highlights…

Furry and friendly companionship robots

Sheffield Robotics is pioneering new products and processes through ethical research that will transform the world by changing manufacturing, healthcare, infrastructure and our understanding of the human condition.

They’ve been demonstrating their companionship robots during UK Robotics Week 2017, some of which are furry and others which can help with physiotherapy! Check out their Twitter for some fantastic photos and videos of their latest robots.

Ocean robots

The National Oceanography Centre is developing innovative marine robotic vehicles to push the limits of how we explore our oceans. These ocean robots have the capabilities to travel under ice, reach new depths, travel under ice and collect data in the most hostile environments.

70% our world is made up of oceans and we’ve managed to explore less than 5% of that! We have so many questions about the processes in our oceans; physical, chemical and biological, these marine vehicles could help provide the data to the answer the big questions facing our Earth.

Medical robots

Imperial Global Health hosted an incredible panel discussion about the roles of robots in medicine. Leaders in their fields came together and discussed everything from robots used within cardiovascular surgery, all the way to nano robotics used to manipulate cells.

These are just a few snippets of the innovative developments that organisations are developing to transform the world. Robots still seem futuristic to most people but the reality is that they are being developed now and they are very much a part of our present.

Be a part of the robotics revolution

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