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Trainee teacher? We are here to help

Published: May 22, 2020 4 min read

STEM learning

We recognise that it is a very challenging time for trainee teachers. You should be consolidating your skills and knowledge this term in a school environment, but instead you may be feeling under-equipped to start teaching in September.

At STEM Learning, we are determined to support you to develop your subject knowledge, subject-specific pedagogy, general teaching pedagogical skill, and provide enrichment and networking opportunities with other teachers in the same position.

Whether you are primary or secondary, computing, science, maths or any other subject we have different CPD opportunities that will support you in this time.

Free, quality CPD

We are running a programme of remotely delivered and online CPD over the summer term, all of which is free to participate in and aimed at improving classroom practice and confidence.

Each of the remotely delivered courses is led by one of our accredited, subject specialist facilitators and consists of a series of short sessions with structured tasks in between. In the online CPD you will access real classroom footage, discuss lessons with colleagues from around the world, and learn from leading experts.

Once you have engaged in a series of CPD opportunities you can receive a STEM or NCCE Certificate to demonstrate your commitment to professional development to future employers.

Trainees are welcome to engage in any of the CPD, but these courses may be particularly relevant:

A range of courses

For secondary computing trainees we have the Computer Science Accelerator Programme, a free training programme perfect for trainee teachers who want to enhance their current subject knowledge and benefit from the expertise of experienced educators to prepare for the classroom. 

We also welcome non-computing specialists. With the increasing demand for digital skills, now is a great time to start to develop your subject knowledge in computer science.

As well as being designed to fit around other commitments, all our courses are quality assured and mapped to the curriculum in England, so will help you to apply the latest best practice. These modules can also potentially help support you to evidence the subject knowledge element of your teaching standards, with several universities already stating they will accept this.

Once you successfully complete the programme, you are eligible for a bursary of £920, to be paid to your school or college once you gain employment (state-funded English education only). See more details.

For secondary science trainees we have a suite of remote CPD courses to enhance your subject knowledge in all science subjects. Additionally, our online courses are available and are free to access through the FutureLearn platform.

For primary trainees, we have developed a suite of remote CPD courses to develop your skills and knowledge of all science subjects and help you prepare for the classroom.

All trainees can gain valuable teaching experience by supporting the delivery of STEM summer schools, which we will announce details of soon.

On top of this, we also have a collection of free online courses supported by experienced teachers to support trainee teachers to continue your professional journey. Also for primary trainees we have computing CPD  from the National Centre for Computing Education; six remote learning and two online courses to help you with your subject knowledge and pedagogy. 

Behaviour, learning and assessment

We have developed a number of other courses and opportunities to support both primary and secondary trainees.

Online early career foundation courses are available between now and September to increase your confidence in and out of the classroom around behaviour, learning and assessment:

  • Managing behaviour
  • Introduction to assessment for learning
  • Planning for learning

In August we plan to run residential summer schools for both NQTS and those who have just completed their training. These courses will cover subject knowledge and pedagogy and provide time and space to reflect upon your practice working in a highly supportive and stimulating environment. There will be four summer schools:

  • Primary science
  • Secondary science
  • Secondary maths (online)
  • Secondary computing

We also want to support trainee teachers in their enrichment opportunities. As trainees you can participate in online STEM Clubs training to support delivery of virtual STEM Clubs. This can help you gain further experience of engaging with students. There will also be an online MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) starting in June covering careers in the curriculum.

Whatever your areas for development are, be sure that STEM will do its utmost to support you to feel ready in September 2020.

If you are an ITT provider we can work with and support your computing and non-computing trainees with a bespoke tailored approach. If this sounds of interest contact p.thornton@stem.org.uk.