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STACS: Science Technicans Acredited Co-Leaders in Science. A testimonial

Published: Nov 4, 2013 2 min read

STEM learning

We were so delighted to receive this email from Karen Curzon, that we have asked her permission to reproduce it in full to give you a feel why we, and she, think our STACS course is just brilliant!

Here it is:

From: K Curzon [mailto: removed for privacy purposes ]

Sent: 13 May 2013 20:42

To: Lynn English; Simon Quinnell

Subject: STACS


I just thought it would be good to give you some informal feedback about the impact the STACS course has made on my job so far.

I am currently working as a team leader for science/technology/art technicians in large academy spread over 3 sites ages 3-19. This a role created towards the end of the last academic year and is still very much in a developmental state. From July to September we recruited 5 new technicians to increase the team size to 10.

Although I felt this was a manageable situation we have had 3 members off long term and the pressure on remaining staff was great,

This has required me to use so many of the skills taught so far especially the communication skills. I have learnt to listen, assess and make difficult decisions; to realise that “team” is everything; that not everyone sees things the same way as I do and my way is not always the best way; that challenging others to do better works; that I can say NO and mean it;

I have gained so much, the things I thought I knew have been questioned by me, sometimes I was right but often I found a better way to approach things. I am now confident in meetings, stating my side but listening to others before making decisions, have organised successful cpd events, and sat in on disciplinary meetings.

Overall the course has exceeded all expectations, it has made me a better leader (although some of this has been painful) and I would like to thank both of you for providing me and my employer with such a valuable opportunity.

I am looking forward to the rest of the course but wanted you to realise that what you are teaching us is having a direct impact on schools right now.


Karen Curzon

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