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Simple STEM activities to do at home: Fantastic fruit

Published: Apr 6, 2020 1 min read

Fran Dainty

Science CPD Lead

National STEM Learning Centre


I was surprised by how many questions can be asked about a simple activity from ‘Starters for STEM’ using fruit that you already have in the house.

For this activity Freya picked a selection of fruits and drew a picture for each one. Together we sounded out the phonemes to help her practice the spellings, names of the fruits and their colours.

We didn’t stop there, we wanted to find out what the fruits looked like on the inside. We cut them in half and Freya discovered that fruits, such as a lemons, have seeds inside. We then cut the fruit into quarters and counted how many pieces we had and the different shapes.

The fruit didn’t go to waste, we made a lovely fruit salad after!

Fancy giving this activity a try? More information about this activity and others from ‘Starters for STEM’ can be found here.

Activity time: 30 minutes
Freya’s rating: 8/10