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Getting out of the classroom for the primary teacher conferences

Published: Mar 24, 2014 2 min read

Rachel Jackson

Primary Specialist

National STEM Learning Centre

We all know that the learning that takes place outside the classroom is as important as the learning inside it, yet for teachers there is often very little time for reflection, updating skills, thinking about and improving our own practice. Day after day we are inside our classrooms, which are lovely cheerful places, but we need to get out more!

Sometimes just a chat in the staff room can invigorate an old idea bring to mind a great activity for a particular topic.

Learning happens everywhere whether it’s on a CPD activity, reading a newspaper, playing a game or discovering a new hobby or interest; a friend of mine once told me that she’s always learning new things from her reception class. So as the warmer weather teases us with the prospect of summer it is time for getting out of the classroom, teachers enjoy learning outside the classroom too!!

The primary science and mathematics conferences are on 13 and 14 June at the National Science Learning Centre in York. Providing workshops suitable for teachers from Early Years to Key Stage 2, it will also look at aspects of the new primary curriculum and recognise the key issues teachers face when implementing them. So come and join us in York to update your skills, find out about how the impact of the new curriculum, explore resources and network to find inspiration from others in the profession from across the land.

The conferences are open for booking, with onsite accommodation available for those staying for both events.

For further details and how to book:

For resources to supplement your planning of the new curriculum you can download free resources for every topic area on the National STEM Centre website: visit the primary mathematics and primary science resource pages.