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Creating a successful mathematics department doesn’t happen by accident

Published: Feb 9, 2021 2 min read

STEM learning

As a Head of a mathematics department, GCSE results signalled the end of the summer break. It wasn’t quite the helter-skelter of the first week of term yet, but there was a gradual winding up to full pace. Exam results were analysed and scrutinised, requests for set allocations of new students started to arrive from your Senior Leadership Team, I would also check that the exercise books and textbooks that were ordered at the end of the last term had arrived, tweaks to timetables were made, the list went on...

Being a Head of Department is incredibly enjoyable despite the demands and responsibility of the role. It always pays to be organised, to be able to think ahead, manage staff and lead a team as well as being able to teach the subject. The rewards of leading a successful department are huge. But creating a successful department does not happen by accident. It is worth having as much help and advice as possible.

Our New and Aspiring Leaders of Mathematics Course is ideal preparation for teachers preparing to apply for a Head of Department role and for those teachers in their first few years of leading a department. 

We delve into creating your own vision for your department, coaching methods, ideas for developing outstanding teaching and learning strategies, how to use data and much, much more. 

Here us what one new maths lead thought:

  • "The course has been brilliant. I have been able to identify the root of my frustrations and identify my own strengths and weaknesses, as well as reflect on others within my department. In doing this I will now be able to return and move forward in a positive and motivational way. Leading others and the department to further success."

Bookings for the next running of this course are now being taken. More information about the course and how to apply can be found below.