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What makes an amazing school science technician?

Published: Jun 2, 2016 2 min read

STEM learning

This is the question that Simon Quinnell aims to answer in his most recent article in SecEd

Simon is the senior professional development leader for technicians at the National STEM Learning Centre in York and his article talks about our dedicated technicians programme – STACS (Senior Technicians Accredited Co-Leaders in Science). 

This year, we are due to accredit our 100th technician. After five years of running the STACS programme, what have we learned? 

  1. Technicians know how important it is that students have access to effective practical work. Many technicians that have taken part in STACS have gone on to create STEM clubs or even become STEM ambassadors, helping to engage and inspire their students and colleagues.
  2. Creating links between schools is important. Whether this be face-to-face with local schools, at larger conferences such as the ASE national technicians conference or through online community groups; networking and sharing ideas encourages technicians to disseminate knowledge and expertise.
  3. Technicians have a significant role in providing training support to teachers. 
  4. Confidence has increased. Technicians have reported that they were able to lead and run their technical service more effectively due to their increased self-belief.