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Supporting ITE providers to prepare trainees to deliver a high-quality STEM education

Published: Aug 28, 2020 2 min read


Marketing Officer

Trainee teacher CPD

The last academic year was a challenge for all schools, students and of course those training the next cohort of teachers. The upcoming academic year will no doubt have further challenges, but also brings opportunities through increased recruitment onto ITE programmes.

The current situation has only increased the need to prepare trainees to deliver high-quality teaching and learning in the classroom. STEM Learning is here to support ITE providers in addressing these challenges and opportunities. 

STEM Learning, in discussion with several ITE providers, has developed a dedicated page for ITE, where we are grouping quality-assured resources and content that may be of particular use to trainee teachers and their providers. This includes links to our teacher standards pages, for primary and secondary level, which contain resources to help exemplify and help evidence progress against the standards.

We also realise that placements in school are likely to be more difficult to achieve, and observation of experienced staff may not have the usual feel to it, particularly in science where fewer practicals will be taking place. So, we have pulled together a large collection of classroom footage which can be used by ITE providers to help trainees gain wider experience in preparing for the classroom.

STEM Learning runs a large series of courses with different delivery methods to suit an individual’s needs, with a range of face to face and online options available. There is a range of courses suitable for teachers who are training including support for effective practical work in the lab, subject knowledge and behaviour management. 

We have made a start but know that you are likely to have even more great ideas. Please take a look at the dedicated ITE page, and give us your thoughts. If anything is missing, or you have suggestions about what else we could support with, please do drop me an email on m.langley@stem.org.uk and we are very happy to help out.