STEM Learning and Fixperts: bringing inclusive design to life

Fixperts CPD

STEM Learning has agreed a new partnership with UK award-winning learning programme, Fixperts, to deliver face-to-face training for design and technology teachers across England.

Inclusive design thinking with Fixperts is a one-day, face-to-face training event that will immerse you in the principles of human-centred design, and equip you with take-away resources and engaging project ideas to take your new knowledge back to your classroom.

Become fluent in the core ideas and language, run a Fixperts design challenge, or integrate Fixperts exercises and approaches into your own briefs, all the while using their extensive archive of examples for inspiration and motivation. This training is supported by an ENTHUSE bursary, enabling schools, academies and colleges to access it at no cost.

What is Fixperts?

Fixperts is an award-winning design movement which uses fast, hands-on and socially engaged design projects to open up worlds of creative possibility for learners. Its simple format challenges young people to solve everyday problems for a real person, unlocking a world where they can make a real impact on the people around them.

The Fixperts process involves identifying a worthwhile problem to work on and working to solve that problem, incorporating essential design skills, including ideation, design and production. The real-world context drives a focus on user research, prototyping and iteration, as well as teamwork and communication. Making things real, whether with sticky tape, modelling materials or a 3D printer, is core, and testing and iterating against someone’s needs, means documenting the process and reflecting on their experiences is built in. 

Through focusing on an individual with a real-life need, students gain the understanding, inspiration and motivation to drive their creative ideas forward. Thousands have now participated, in the UK and Internationally.

If you have seen how the BBC’s Big Life Fix “Invents the impossible”, imagine a student version of this in your design and technology classroom!

“Design is changing. Designers are driven by new values, have access to new technologies and are being asked to work in different ways. We see this already through the discipline, and now it’s making its way through the curriculum. We created the Fixperts format to fold in these issues in practical and accessible packages, bringing a bit of the future to your classroom.

“This CPD is the culmination of a rich conversation with STEM Learning, who share our interest in the evolution of the discipline, and underpin our compelling content with their deep understanding of teachers’ needs and rigorous training standards.” – Dee Halligan, Co-founder of Fixperts

Find a venue near you

The training will take place in five venues across England, find your nearest venue below:

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