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STEM Learning receives grant from SC Johnson to support STEM education

Published: Mar 29, 2021 2 min read

STEM learning

SC Johnson has made a donation to STEM Learning to support 12,000 students in STEM projects. STEM Learning’s ENTHUSE Partnerships enable groups of schools and colleges to address local issues of underachievement in STEM subjects through a two-year programme to improve young people’s knowledge, skills and confidence in STEM subjects as well as boosting their career aspirations. The schools involved will have:

  • access to bursary-supported STEM-specific CPD
  • the opportunity for teachers to spend up to two weeks with a STEM employer
  • support to establish and sustain STEM Club activities
  • support from STEM Ambassadors

The aim of the partnership is to enthuse and inspire students in science, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, leading to positive views of science careers and encouraging them to study science to a higher level. The schools will work closely with STEM Ambassadors from SC Johnson to ensure students and teachers know about science-related roles within the industry and to raise aspirations in STEM.

Participating schools will benefit from all the opportunities STEM Learning has to offer through its ENTHUSE Partnerships, including STEM-specific professional development for their teachers, working with SC Johnson STEM Ambassadors, building STEM Clubs, and guided access to STEM Learning’s expansive collection of resources.

STEM Learning’s ENTHUSE Partnerships enable more young people, from all backgrounds, to progress in their STEM education, with more students entering high-value STEM-related careers as a result. By doing so, STEM Learning improves social mobility and the life chances of some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people.

"We have a  long history of helping foster access to education in the communities we operate in and are proud to partners with charities like STEM Learning in the UK," said Alan VanderMolen, Chief Communications Officer of SC Johnson.  "Whether it's investing in sustainability education or STEM, we believe that supporting child learning can equip and enable future generations with the tools they need for continued success."

Fran Dainty, Head of Education at the National STEM Learning Centre, said: “I am delighted to welcome SC Johnson to join our ENTHUSE Partnership supporters. The Partnership will help STEM Learning’s mission to change the lives of thousands of young people, nurturing future talent for crucial STEM skills.”

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