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Reece Foundation is the latest charity to support Project ENTHUSE

Published: Apr 27, 2021 3 min read


The Reece Foundation has funded two partnerships with schools to make a positive and long-term impact on STEM education where it is most needed.

Based in Sunderland and North Shields, the partnerships will reach up to 20 schools and will be funded by £40,000 from the Reece Foundation to support teacher professional development and raise engagement and achievement in STEM subjects. The Reece Foundation will also identify opportunities for Reece STEM Ambassadors and others interested in school governorship to work with the schools involved.

ENTHUSE Partnerships, run by STEM Learning through Project ENTHUSE, bring schools and colleges together to work collaboratively and develop an intensive two-year programme to raise aspiration and achievement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Each partnership will work with a group of six to eight schools and colleges, providing access to CPD, free resources, immersion in industry or university through teacher placements, STEM Ambassadors, and enrichment activities.  Schools identified so far include: Sandhill View Academy (lead school); Broadway Junior School; Hasting Hill Academy, Thorney Close Primary; Plains Farm Academy; Highfield Academy, and Diamond Hall Junior Academy. 

Anne Reece from the Reece Foundation said, “When STEM Learning approached us about ENTHUSE Partnerships, it meant we were able to reach those schools that need the support most, working with education experts who can respond to the individual needs of the schools.

“It’s a real concern for us that the UK has a shortfall of engineers. We find that consulting with experts like STEM Learning is fundamental to our aims of focusing on underrepresented groups, creating partnerships with schools, and telling people-centred stories about how engineers are the game-changers of the world.”

Anna Gawthorp, Partnership Development Lead at STEM Learning, said “This partnership is another excellent example of how STEM Learning is working in collaboration with businesses to not only provide CPD training to those schools and teachers who teach young people from under-represented groups but also to support the training of employees to come into schools as STEM Ambassadors to inspire young people to follow a career in engineering.

“ENTHUSE Partnerships provides a direct link for STEM businesses to engage with schools to raise aspiration and achievement in STEM subjects and we look forward to working with the Reece Foundation on this exciting partnership.”

STEM Learning is always looking to work with new partners to improve STEM education in the UK. If you are interested in finding out more, please email employers@stem.org.uk.

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