Jonathan Haslam gives us a snippet on his conference talk

Presenting at our Using STEM research conference, Jonathan Haslam provides us with STEM specific case studies on evidence-based teaching and applying research findings to enhance teaching and learning of STEM subjects. 

Jonathan is the Manager of Dissemination for the Institute of Effective education. Titled ‘Evidence for the frontline: more questions than answers’, this talk guarantees to be both informative and exciting. 

Here’s a snippet of what’s in store…

Research has shown that the most effective processes for knowledge mobilisation are social, interactive, and based on networks. Funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), Evidence for the Frontline (E4F) is a novel service that helps practitioners make use of research evidence. 

Staff in 32 schools are put in touch with researchers and resources to help them make greater use of research evidence in their day to day work. A broker matches them up to appropriate experts and links will be provided to selected web-based sources. Sample questions and answers about science are presented, along with the experience of one school involved in the project. Reflections on the service so far, and its implication for the further development of evidence-based teaching, are discussed.

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